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Post by Meggan on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:32 pm

Hey Guys,

Kim sent out an email to everyone with some helpful links for information on the assessments.

I will post them here for you.

Below are some websites you may find useful when tracking down answers:

(click on the “delivering services” tab on the left hand side and it will bring you to a page with differing sectors within the community services arena. These tabs each have some legislation and other information. There is also a general case management tab as well. These headings may all offer some good info to help answer some of your questions.)

(click on the practitioner resources tab or the information for the community tab) Both have information on ethics and standards, and mental health sector info as well.

This PDF lists the service standards all human services are obliged to abide by – this is the underpinning framework/principles that guide all community and youth services.

(click on the news+resources tab) This site has some info on what youth work is and how to become a youth worker. It also has a tab (youth networks) which lists all the interagency meetings in Qld. This may help some of you searching for placement.

This lists strategies and programs available to assist young people and can provide statistics and data re: current issues and responses.

Hope these help a little to ease the study load.

Have a great week!


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